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For information on a particular type of meat products you might need, contact Michael O’Loughlin Butchers

Our Produce

As one of the best options for craft butchers in Limerick, and as a great online butcher in Ireland, we pride ourselves on having a superb choice of meat and meat products for sale.


Our meat products include Burren lamb, traditional Oak park bacon, chicken and other day-to-day items. We also offer in-season game meat that is ideal for many occasions such as rabbits, venison, pheasants, mallard ducks and more.


At Michael O’Loughlin Butchers we source all of our produce from reputable local, Bord Bia approved farmers. We have established long-lasting relationships with all of our producers so we can supply our customers with only the highest quality meats available.


Meat Wholesale Suppliers

All beef comes to us directly from the farm and is dry-hung and allowed to mature for 21 days for that extra special flavour.


Our lambs come mostly from the Burren, Co. Clare and are reared on the limestone land for that succulent taste.


Our pigs are reared on-site in Oak Park, Co. Tipperary.


Our chickens are local from Co. Limerick and Co. Cork and are fully traceable back to the farms.


For locally sourced, high-quality meat produce, contact Michael O’Loughlin Butchers


For information about any of our locally sourced meat produce, contact Michael O’Loughlin Butchers


Meat Products for Sale

Our range of meat products includes:


  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Poultry

  • Bacon

  • Hams

  • Duck

  • Fresh Rabbit

  • Venison

  • Pheasant

  • Offal

  • Goat


We also offer sausages and burgers in a variety of meat types.


For any queries about meat like beef, ducks, fresh rabbit, venison and more, contact Michael O’Loughlin Butchers

  • Does Michael O’Loughlin Butchers offer delivery?
    Michael O’Loughlin Butchers offers delivery to customers in Ireland nationwide.
  • What wild game do you sell?
    Our wild game includes venison, pheasant and rabbit meat.
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