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For one of the best options for craft and online butchers in Ireland, contact Michael O’Loughlin Butchers

About Us

Michael O’Loughlin Butchers are prize-winning butchers, having won several awards through the Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland and the Speciality Foods Competition


At Michael O’Loughlin Butchers we provide our customers with the best quality meat available in Ireland. All produce is locally sourced from experienced and reputable farmers and can be traced from farm to table.


Our produce ranges from typical day-to-day meat produce such as pork, lamb, or beef to wild game options like mallard duck, venison, pheasant and more.


We also offer catering options for company events as well as online Christmas orders such as turkey or ham.



  • Diamond Award Silver Medal for Spiced Beef


  • Diamond Award Gold Medal for Stuffed Pork Steak


  • National Silver Award for Home-Cured Ham

  • National Silver Award for Cocked Irish Ham


  • National Silver Award for Rack of Irish Burren Lamb


For questions about our produce, such as game meat or Christmas orders, contact Michael O’Loughlin Butchers

  • Does Michael O’Loughlin Butchers offer delivery?
    Michael O’Loughlin Butchers offers delivery to customers in Ireland nationwide.
  • What wild game do you sell?
    Our wild game includes venison, pheasant and rabbit meat.
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